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Grab your VR goggles and get ready to come with Richie, Jarrett, Ann Marie and Tony into the OASIS. You’ve asked and we are bringing you our review of the new film Ready Player One sans all of the RUSH. Give this episode a listen and find out why we needed more robots, less Simon Pegg, and for once… a fat man represented on the screen as a lead. Come on Hollywood. Get with it….

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Richie brings Band Geek to the high seas with a live show from the Rock Legends Cruise VI. This show was recorded in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and features guest appearances from Buck Dharma, Kasim Sulton, the Radino Family!

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To celebrate Valentine's Day we take on Never Gonna Let You Go by Sergio Mendes. Richie, Andy & Ann Marie recreate the classic ballad track by track, while explaining the frequent key changes making this one of the most complicated love songs of all time!

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Richie returns from the 2018 NAMM show, discusses new products, shares some stories and gets to jam with Gary Hoey!

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WALK!!! this weeks replay of our first live stream of Encore for 2018. We get a little silly with songs about historical figures, see if opposites attract, and then get to break-a your stride!

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It’s a porg filled movie review of the latest Star Wars installment, The Last Jedi! Richie decides Jarrett should always be on a view screen, we learn what Luke and his fish nuns have been up to, how important it is to free space horses, and who is the lastiest Jedi of them all! Also Richie, Jarrett, and Ann Marie met Gal Gadot and are still in shock!

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It’s a “Hole” lotta fun this week when we crossover with our RiotCast buds Rob Sprance and Chris Fortney from ‘The Glory Hole’. We get an incredible amount of information about Rob’s colon, go round the room with our go to Karaoke jams, and learn why macaroon’s are important for picking a wedding venue. Then Rob and Chris step it up with performances from some Fine Young Cannibals, Tom Petty, Matthew Sweet, and Weezer.

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Last week, Richie launched a new series of live streaming shows.  In this episode he takes us behind the scenes to share insight to the musical and technical aspects of the project.

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Meanwhile…. at the Hall of Justice… Richie, Ann Marie, Andy, Jarrett, and Brandi review the latest DC film, Justice League! SPOILERS!!! We find out if it was worth the wait and where it ranks among the 5 DCEU flicks, who the heck Steppenwolf is, why Amazons giggle, if Gal Gadot looks better in IMAX, and what Superman’s safe word is…. btw… it’s Martha.

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During a live stream, Richie & Andy recreate the classic Kansas song, Carry On Wayward Son, playing all the instruments and singing all the parts.

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