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What happens when Batman, Geordi La Forge, Captain Kara "Starbuck" Thrace, Ace Frehly, and David St. Viking Pirate take over Band Geek for Halloween? It's a boOoOonanza of hilarity!

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In Part 2 of our hangout with Joe Cumia & Vince Tattanelli, Vince becomes the second contestant ever to play a round of Food Drumming, while Joe takes us down to the Whipping
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Our hilariously talented guests this week are from the nationally touring tribute bands 2U & Almost Journey. Vince is also the drummer for Nine Days. Joe, who is also the musical director for the Anthony Cumia show, is BOC Superfan
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This week Richie, the Geeks, and El Jefe discuss the proper way to compose a totally, completely, unrehearsed, improvised guitar solo. And is a bigger iPhone better? Let's find out while we grow our Bee Gees

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Contributing music magazine editor, BOC Tour Manager, and all around nice guy Steve LaCerra sits down with us this week. Wanna build a studio? Or hear some stories from the road? Woody is your guide. Take notes, there's gonna be a

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