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Blue Oyster Cult front man & rock legend Eric Bloom regales us with stories of his origins with Soft White Underbelly, his sci-fi & fantasy inspiration for writing music, & how he & Richie used to go camping on Tattooine. Meanwhile, Richie manages to eat all the pies.

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Al Carty (bassist for Alicia Keys, Ed Sheeran, Rob Thomas) & Randy Jenkins (independent producer/songwriter) join us to reminisce about their college days with Richie while playing some eclectic tunes from Van Halen, Peabo Bryson, Chaka Khan & Chick Corea.
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Anthony Cumia (Opie & Anthony, The Anthony Cumia Show), and Joe Cumia (2U, Almost Journey, Guilty By Association) get a wee bit silly with us singing some Spinal Tap, Neil Diamond, Toto, and Marvin

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In Part 2, Ron Bumblefoot Thal (Lita Ford/Guns N Roses/Art of Anarchy) gives us some insight into his playing & compositional techniques while joining us in a KISS classic and an epic medley performed by Sgt. Ronald's Lonely Hearts Club Band Geeks.

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