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Time to saddle up your Tauntaun, and get ready for some music in a galaxy far far away. This week we're using the force to celebrate Halloween...Star Wars style. This IS the podcast you're looking


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The mozzarella gauntlet has been thrown down! Richie along with Kasim Sulton, Eric Bloom, Buck Dharma, Jules Radino, Steve La Cerra, Andy Ascolese, Phil Castellano & more decide once and for all...who's got the best pizza in Staten Island! ALL. THE. PIES.


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Richie goes solo this week and dives into how a video review spawned his newest metal song Sinister Intentions. We also hear how to get the best amp sound when recording and his take on the 2016 Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame


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It's time for current events! Richie and Jarrett shine some light on why musicians make weird faces, how to properly pick a pick, what happens when you vacation in Japan, Facebook trolls, and even write an impromptu solo with double guitars!

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