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Band Geek offers it's first marriage counseling session, with a Q&A from the Castellano's. Ann Marie discusses her favorite vocal influences and updates us on her new album, while Richie tours us around his Variax guitar's many MANY musical styles.


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While helping to beta test a new video streaming service, Richie records all of the parts to the Beatles', "You Can't Do That", in one take for the live streaming audience.

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It's Team Richie VS Team Vin in the revamped version of our favorite game, Encore with returning Band Geeks Joey Martin and Vin Innocente. You wanted more audience participation? You wanted more music? Be careful what you wish for...

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Bonjour! In a Beast of an episode it's all about Ann Marie as we celebrate our secret love of the Disney musical. With our bud Jason Wexler we take you on a magic carpet ride, under the sea, & to a little French town where everyone's a dick. It's magical.

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