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Pulling artists from every genre of music, the gang discusses what their dream lineups would be & why. And of course, we take something fairly simple & complicate the crap out of it culminating in the silliest version of a Grease song you've ever heard.


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The entire Band Geek Squad is finally back together just in time for a review of the next addition to the DC movie universe! Harley Quinn? Amanda Waller? Slipknot? Who was our favorite? We also rock out some Lesley Gore. You don't own us!!!

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Back on American soil, Richie and Andy recount the events of their recent tour through 7 European countries to Brandi, while spontaneously creating awful renditions of BOC classics.


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While Richie is touring Europe with BOC, Jarrett, Ann Marie & Band Geek bud Jennifer Candy review the highly anticipated reboot of the classic 1984 film.  Find out if Jarrett has ACTUALLY been dead for 15 years... & also their thoughts on the new flick...

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