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On this week's live stream, our viewers requested that Richie and Andy record Toto's "Rosanna." It took nearly 5 hours, but they finished it! Here are the highlights from that session with an added bonus walk-through of the audio mix and post production.


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The Band Geeks are joined by the incredible Tom Brislin for some prog rock and power pop! Tom has played keyboards for Yes, Meat Loaf, Renaissance, Debbie Harry and his band, Spiraling.

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Richie's back from Orlando and regales Jarrett and Phil with stories of Star Wars Celebration 2017. Dope cosplay? Yep! Waitin in lines? You bet! Lightsaber builders parties? The best! And to top it all off? Richie spends 23 seconds meeting the Skywalkers!


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Richie visits DJ/Producer/Composer Phil Moffa at his incredible studio, Butcha Sound Studios in NYC. They discuss software vs. hardware, their secret love of the Sopranos, Kung Fu, & they play a clip of the final project they produced back in college!

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Richie, Andy, and Danny are backing up Kasim Sulton on his April 2017 gigs in NY, NJ, and PA. This episode is an audio replay of the Facebook Live stream after our rehearsal on 3/28/17.  Go to Richie's YouTube channel to see the video version.


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