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In our first ever live streamed episode, Ann Marie and Jarrett go head to head once again in the game of Encore. With the help of our internet fans, who arose victorious? What songs were sung? Whose friendships collapsed? The answer to all 3 is Rosanna...


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With the help of our Super Friends Adam and Ray, we don't give you the movie review you need, but the movie review you deserve. Somehow we talked longer than the film's actual running time. Grab a glass of Granny's Peach Tea and join us won't you?

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This week we celebrate the life of our hero, Keith Emerson, of Emerson, Lake & Palmer. Richie and the Andys share stories of being high school prog rock snobs while attempting to play a song from their old set list.


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In #69 we get pleasure of chatting with award winning adult film stars Vicky Vette and Jelena Jensen. We tell tales of Exxxotica, play our new game Porn Life VS Real Life, and learn the "ins and outs" of the adult film industry....pun intended.


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On this episode we discuss Andy Ascolese's new split screen video tribute to Chick Corea. We also delve into Andy's origins and try to figure out why he knows how to play so many damned instruments!

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Richie, Ann Marie, and Jarrett provide some colorful commentary to the 2016 Grammy Award musical performances. They also try really REALLY hard to not make any Star Wars references....and fail....


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Richie joins John Lynch's band for a Fat Tuesday celebration in Staten Island with Mike DeConzo on Drums, Packy Lynch on Bass, Rob Kipp on Keyboards/Vocals, John Lynch on Guitar, and your host Richie Castellano on Guitar/Vocals.


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Richie, along with Andy and Brandi, give us a recap of the 2016 winter NAMM show with the help of local musician, Frank Stabile.

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We've got a packed studio to give you a Starkiller Base sized review of Star Wars! We even had to make room for filmmaker Corey Machado via Skype. And it wouldn't be Band Geek unless we took some John Williams and rocked out with our lightsabers out.


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Jarrett ruins Chanukah but gets a present anyway, Richie falls down, Batman croons, and we pay a loving tribute to Scott Weiland. All while fighting for your rights, in our satin tights.


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