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Dressed as England's loudest band, The Band Geeks perform a 5 song set of music from our favorite film, This Is Spinal Tap.  This is a VERY important movie for us so we took great care in getting it right, from the bad guitar solos, all the way down to the pelvic thrusts. Such a fine line between stupid and clever.

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LA audio mix engineers Rusty Smith and Robert Edmondson talk to Richie via Skype and walk us through what it takes to mix an episode of the Marvel comics TV show, The Gifted, currently airing on Fox.

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The Band Geeks have been making it a point to go see more live music and some of our viewers have requested our concert reviews, so here you go.  Also, Jarrett and Richie get new toys.

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This episode is a replay of our live stream from 10/3/17. We celebrated our keyboard player, Vin Innocente's birthday with a little Billy Joel, a Tom Petty tribute, and an epic game of Encore with the most people we've ever had in the Band Geek Studio!

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Richie goes to see the NY Philharmonic perform The Empire Strikes Back. His high school music teacher & former boss Lou Mannarino is the sound engineer for the gig. Lou gives a rundown of the process of mixing & designing a performance of this complexity.
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In this episode of Band Geek, we play 3 very special requests from some of the show's SUPER-FANS! This is an eclectic mix of songs by Porcupine Tree, Budgie and even an old gem from our college band, Progeny!
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This week's guest is singer Emily Nacchio. Emily is Ann Marie's sister!!! They cover some Black Sabbath and perform their own version of Valerie. Watch the full video for this episode at

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In one of the best rounds yet, Band Geek's signature game Encore is back! Streamed live on 8/9/17 we get songs about pets, with the words way, cruel, God...zilla, and we even bookend it with some Whitney Houston and Rupert Holmes.


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Richie, after a very long recent run with Blue Oyster Cult, crosses three items off his bucket list by getting tours of DC Comics, Music Man Guitars, and the Saber Forge lightsaber showroom along with many other stops along the West Coast.


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Fresh off of a European Blue Oyster Cult tour, Richie Castellano streams a live Q&A session discussing BOC gigs, songwriting, guitar playing, gear and much more.

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